Code of Conduct


Output is dedicated to the communal experience of music. Our core values of openness and inclusion are inspired by the unifying power of the music we love. Each night we revel in the glorious diversity of dancers who come together under our roof, inhibition-free, in celebration and furtherance of the culture we cherish. Under Output’s disco ball it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what you look like… anyone is welcome and all are encouraged to let their individual freak flag fly without fear of judgement, intimidation, harassment or aggression.

To protect the vibe and ensure everyone’s safety, Output enforces a zero tolerance policy for persons who intrude in any way upon another’s freedom to get their groove on in peace. That includes perpetrators of unsolicited advances, invasions of personal space and other sexually predatory behavior as well as any act of verbal bullying, physical intimidation or outward hostility. If you can’t respect that premise and act right, then Output is clearly not for you.

Patrons who are subject or witness to any unsavory behavior are encouraged to contact any Output employee for immediate remedy. Our trained security and medical professionals are here to serve you and will not hesitate to eject anyone found in violation of Output’s community standards.